As a Catalyst for Change we use Enterprising Change to help SMEs improve competitive advantage through their most valuable asset – their workforce – with a major focus on helping to see them as ‘value’ rather than ‘cost’.

We are passionate about doing what is best for you and your profitability and development whilst ensuring that employees benefit from personal effectiveness, development and engagement.

The Outcome from our work is intended to increase your top line i.e. by helping visualise business processes and introducing metrics and analytical techniques to identify where you may be losing money or to improve your people practices to eliminate unnecessary ‘hidden’ losses.

We also use our own Tools for Change – see below – to measure where you are on maximising your workforce value.

With a worldwide shortage of talent and Brexit approaching current research finds that the most pressing people issues for SMEs are: *Managing employee expectations *Poor Productivity *Building Leadership capability and *Finding employees to hire with the right skills.

If you identify with these issues or you have others that need addressing and want to change we can help – Contact us today 07802 654249 or explore our website to see how we have helped other companies.


The Tools for Change – ‘Cost’ to ‘Value’

The MIA™ (Motivating the Individual to Achieve) Strategic Diagnostic tool measures the intrinsic motivation gap between what management says is happening and what employees actually experience.  It identifies the extent of an individual’s motivation to achieve their part of the organisation’s objectives that is influenced by the leadership they experience on a daily basis.

The survey results are presented via the MIA Dashboard in a variety of ‘pleasing to the eye’ graphics providing valuable core information as well as the perception gap between managers and employees.

The DEC™ (Driving Enterprising Change) Business Model tool identifies the extent of your People and Practices and Metrics and demonstrates how they impact Competitive Advantage, Profitability, Quality and Innovation.

The results are presented graphically via the DEC Dashboard highlights the extent to which you value your people as your company’s greatest asset and measures the gap in understanding between the CEO and Senior Directors team.

Utilise my Skill Set:

Analytical & Critical Thinking, Creativity, Team-Building and Collaboration, Problem Solving, Coaching & Mentoring; and using data-driven insights and live business issues to achieve successful outcomes.

Other Interventions in our Toolbox:

Workforce Development
Performance Culture Change
Performance Improvement
Business Mentoring
Business Process Reviews, Mapping and Visualisation


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