Kidderminster’s Central Profiles Ltd provides laser cutting, punching, fabrication and finishing services across a range of industry sectors. The company uses a range of specialist equipment that can be heavy on power use, leading to high energy bills.

Having taken advantage of a resource efficiency survey offered by Worcestershire County Council and Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, the company identified some key priorities to boost resource efficiency and reduce energy bills. Top of the list was the purchase considerably more efficient and likely to bring about a significant reduction in energy bills.

Company Secretary, Jenny Flory, was impressed with the application process. “The paperwork was so straightforward compared to other grants I have applied for. We had to provide three quotes for the work we wanted to do and also explain how we would meet various criteria, which included job creation and job security measures, as well as the more obvious energy reduction targets.”

The company received the maximum 45% grant towards the £15,000 cost of new equipment.

“Once we had approval we had met the criteria, the money came through very quickly. This meant there was no delay in moving ahead with our plans.”

Jenny received follow up visits from advisers to check progress and to make sure all the criteria were being met.


The company purchased its new gas powered powder coating unit and has already seen significantly lower electricity bills. “We have just had an electricity bill for the past 10 months of just over £4,000. The bill for the previous 12 months was £8,500. Nothing else has changed so that big saving is all down to switching to the gas powered unit.” With the gas bill costing around £1,000, the saving is considerable.

The company has delivered against the job creation criteria taking on a marketing post to promote its improved powder coating service. Jenny expects to need another new post in the near future as this side of the business is at capacity.

The company has been able to reduce transport costs by installing the new unit. The previous machine had a smaller oven, which restricted the size of the parts that could go through it. The larger parts had to be transported to another powder coating company 20 minutes away and be collected a few days later. Having the capacity to do all jobs in-house has saved the company time and money. The benefits of purchasing the new equipment are more far reaching than reducing energy bills alone. As Jenny explains:

“The new powder coating unit has given us more confidence in the level of visual perfection it provides for our paint finishes. We feel we can promote this as a truly excellent service – and we have had great feedback from customers on the quality of our powder coating. One has even gone as far as saying it is the best they have seen. We have definitely been getting more business in this area so it is all very positive.”

With business booming, the future looks bright at Central Profiles Ltd.


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