Company Background

Ad:Vantage Digital use the latest technology to provide local businesses and authorities a cost efficient and effective way of advertising in today’s digital age. By using large scale digital media screens in prime locations we can spread the cost of advertising at premier locations between users. In today's difficult commercial climate technology can be used to help promote a vibrant local economy.


How has Enterprising Worcestershire helped you/your business?

Enterprising Worcestershire helped us develop our new start up business. They gave us support with developing our goals and setting out clear and precise targets for our business to grow much faster. To back up our new business plan Enterprising Worcestershire provided us with a grant to help us purchase our next LED screen which the business is based around. This additional LED screen now means we have two state of the art LED screens to provide local advertising on.

This in-turn has enabled us to provide cost effective advertising to 19 local businesses in Worcester over the summer period on our LED screen which has been used to broadcast the Fifa World Cup, Wimbledon and the Tour De France along side the local businesses adverts.


What impact has the service had on your business?

The new developed and improved business plan along side the grant has enabled the business to grow much faster. Without the funding the businesses would have had to wait another 6 -8 months to purchase its next LED screen.

This delayed time-frame would of meant we could not capitalise on a Summer of sporting events. Overall Enterprising Worcestershire has advanced our business by at-least 8-12 months overall meaning we are already looking at employing our first team member.


How ‘easy to use’ did you find the programme/support?

The programme and support was easy to access. A range of convenient times were always available to meet our mentor who guided us through the process. This allowed us to concentrate on our business whiles accessing the programme and all the facility’s available to us when convenient to our selves.


What advice would you give to others thinking about using business support from Enterprising Worcestershire?

It can be scary starting your own businesses especially when large sums of money are required. Enterprising Worcestershire can help you build a business plan that gives you confidence and provides you with a action plan that dramatically reduces the risk of starting up your own business. I would recommend the scheme to any of my friends looking to start or grow their business.


Please sum up your experience of Enterprising Worcestershire in your own words that we can use in any publicity.

Enterprising Worcester has helped advance our business by 8 to 12 months. We can now develop and build our business much faster and are several months ahead of where we were planning on being at this stage. We hope that in-turn our digital services can be used by local businesses and authorities to help develop their businesses at a local level.


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