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A number of specialist business advisers have been appointed to offer FREE support to Worcestershire businesses
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The support from these business advisers is free to businesses and delivered in a 1-1 format with some larger events coming later this quarter. The 5 advisers have been brought on to provide support on specialised topics to help businesses recover and grow.

The specialist business advisers will be covering the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Adoption of Technology
  • Access to Finance
  • Sustainability
  • General business support

Citizen Communications – Marketing Support

Citizen specialises in Marketing and Communications. Established in 1987, they’ve grown their reputation to provide end to end marketing strategy/communication advice and creative/digital execution. All of our clients receive a bespoke, personal service, tailored to their needs and requirements.

Find out more and register for free Marketing adviser support here –


borwell – Adoption of Technology Support

 borwell have over 25 years working in electronics, software, IT and cyber security. Consulting, designing, and building software solutions, and transforming businesses to exploit the latest technologies.

 Borwell helps customers to adopt digital technologies to exploit their existing data by removing paper, spreadsheets, and data duplication so they can transform and evolve systems and processes. We can advise on using the latest cloud-based platforms that can automate manual processes, as well as technologies that can improve customer engagement.

 Find out more and register for free adviser support here –

Perrigo Consultants – Access to Finance Support

Perrigo Consultants Limited is a team of expert tax and accountancy advisers based in Worcestershire, offering high quality specialist 1:1 advice.

They offer a personalised, local service with a wealth of finance and accountancy experience covering individuals, sole traders, partnerships, small, medium and large companies. They have a diverse portfolio of business clients based across the UK, in particular Worcestershire, the West Midlands and London.

Find out more about Perrigo Consultants here and register for free finance adviser support by emailing or call 01905 677 888

Shrewsbury Business Consulting – The Net Zero Business Opportunity

The challenge of Net Zero Carbon is one of the greatest business opportunities of our time. The opportunity to diversify, innovate, cut costs, to gain competitive advantage and to lead. The pressure on businesses from customers and consumers to address their environmental performance is growing rapidly.

The team from Shrewsbury Business Consulting, who have over 50 years in the sector, will enable businesses to benefit from this opportunity, and to thrive in this sector.

Find out more by contacting Shrewsbury Business Consulting Managing Director Ewan Bent – Email:, Phone: 07470 358353

Blue Orchid – General Business Support

Blue Orchid has more than 15 years’ experience in delivering business support and start-up services across the UK. They work with many highly qualified and accredited associate business advisors across the country who themselves have many years’ experience of providing mentoring and business advice; working within the corporate sector in a wide range of sectors and markets and managing their own businesses.


Find out more about Blue Orchid here and register for free general business adviser support by emailing or call 01905 677 888

Virtual Events

As part of the specialist Business Adviser programme, there will be a series of virtual events on offer for organisations to sign up too. These events are free to and attend and more information on them is listed below.

Adoption of Technology - Borwell

Time/Date: 16th March – events commence at 9:30 am

Digital Adoption – How technology can transform your business!

Description:borwell is pleased to welcome eligible Worcestershire businesses to our Digital Adoption programme. We will be running an online event in February and March. We will discuss how digital technology can transform your business, and what technologies are available to help you make improvements and increase customer engagement.

16th March – Click Here

Marketing - Citizen Communication

Time/Date: Thursday 11th February 2021 – 1pm

Citizen – The seven most common marketing pit-falls (and how best to avoid them)

DescriptionTo kick off our programme of FREE marketing support for eligible Worcestershire businesses, and for those of you who missed it first time around, we will be re-running our first online event. We will take you through the seven most common marketing pit-falls and how best to avoid them.


General Business Support - Blue Orchid

Event 1: Planning and accessing business support for a secure future after Covid-19

Time/Date: 22nd February


During this session we will discuss

  • Government support packages for businesses including grants and loans
  • How to deal with staffing including furlough
  • The post COVID world how to position your business to excel in the new normal

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Event 2: Managing a business during Covid-19

Time/Date: 24th February


Like the many thousands of businesses across the country, Blue Orchid has had to restructure its business practices, processes and customer delivery in order to crave a way through the pandemic.  Lessons being learnt, new innovations implemented and a compete review of all operational practises have assisted the business to continue with confidence.  Managing Director Paul Ward will share some practical  advice and guidance to help your business manage both operational changes and staff motivation levels through the rest if the pandemic whilst also preparing contingency plans for any future disruptions your business may face

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Event 3: Managing the new Normal – Working from home and GDPR

Time/Date: 16th March 2021


During the session we will look at

  • How to monitor performance when working from home
  • What should I expect from staff working from home
  • How to deal with reduced productivity
  • How to keep in contact with staff when remote working


From this session you will gain

  • A better understanding of home working and how to manage staff who work from home.

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Finance Support – Perrigo Consultants


The Spring Budget – What to do now

Time/Date: 10th March – 9:30am to 11am


Full review of the budget briefing on 3 March 2021
What it means for Worcestershire businesses
Outline of opportunities and potential pitfalls
The post COVID business arena

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Attendance link:

Meeting ID: 925 7950 5616
Passcode: 311186

Carbon Net Zero – Shrewsbury Business Consulting

 You know where you want to go, but how do you get there?

Time/Date: 24th March – 10am to 12pm


Achieving Net Zero and maximising the environmental sustainability of your business is a journey. This seminar will give you the tools you need to plot your own journey. It aims to take some of the mystery our of achieving Net Zero, and make that goal achievable for any and all businesses.

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Your Sustainability Story – Who’s listening?

Time/Date: 31st March – 10am to 12pm


Your commitment and journey towards Net Zero and greater sustainability is a great message and an inspiring story.

 We explore the business benefits of effectively communicating this to our stakeholders – who are they, what is their role, what do they need to know, and how do we tell them and engage them?

 Just as importantly, how can our stakeholders benefit from our Net Zero and Sustainability commitments.

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