CTO and Co-Founder of Eploy – Chris Bough, explains how they have been in their Kidderminster head offices for about ten years however knew they needed to grow their team, but couldn’t carry on growing in their upstairs office space.

They found out about the Investing In Growth programme and grant, which allowed them to renovate the entire ground floor of the property.

But, they realised there was a vast different between the quality of the upstairs and downstairs offices. So, the Be Cyber Secure grant enabled them to renovate the upstairs of the building also.

The renovation and expansion of the downstairs, really helped to push their business to the next level. Allowing them to recruit more people than they initially said they would in their grant applications.

Chris describes how without the grants and both programmes, they wouldn’t have been able to create an environment that supported their growth, with the results making it all worthwhile.


For more information on the Investing In Growth and Be Cyber Secure programmes, please contact the Worcestershire Business Central team on 01905 677888 or email info@business-central.co.uk

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