From good ideas to good business during COVID – the Business Model Canvas

Tue 4th May 2021 at 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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This interactive introduction to the Business Model Canvas will overview the elements that make up a thorough business rationale.

About this Event

This is the first in a series of four webinars and two hours of consultations brought to you by the Worcestershire Business & IP Centre (BIPC) in conjunction with the British Library. The Reset.Restart Covid support programme is aimed at Worcestershire business start-ups and small to medium sized companies, trading for up to four years. It aims to enable local companies to flex for the effects of lockdown and the post-pandemic environment. Using the Business Model Canvas, the programme aims to provide you with actions and momentum across key business areas.


  • Case studies looking at how businesses have responded to Covid
  • Presentation of the key elements of the Business Model Canvas
  • Interactive session with peers
  • Peer group feedback and debate around each element of the Canvas

Who should attend?

Worcestershire based start-ups or recently formed businesses (four years or less), who have the ambition to grow their business and thrive post-lockdown. The programme aims to provide you with the tools to develop stability and flexibility for the ebb and flow of the economic environment.

Practical takeaways

  • An understanding of the benefits of a business rationale
  • A confidence in developing your own Canvas, plans and how to adjust elements for changing circumstances
  • The source material to identify actions and start to develop a new or revised business plan
  • The foundation to hone and act on your own business plan with the guidance of the other Reset. Restart: webinars and consultations.
  • Awareness of the materials and support available locally to help your business thrive and grow

Value for the business

  • A firm but flexible business model to act on
  • An enthusiasm to devise their own business plan
  • The tools to maximise the chances of survival and success over the longer term


90 minute online live learning with practical exercises to gain new knowledge and skills through practise.

Preparation for attendees

Confirm your specific skill development needs with your BIPC coach.

Post workshop

120 minutes of consultation is provided to each participant of the Reset. Restart: Programme. This is alongside the availability of learning and implementation support from the Worcestershire BIPC.

The programme

The programme consists of four Webinars (see below) and you will work with the same small group of businesses across these sessions. You will also benefit from two one hour one-to-one bespoke meetings with a business coach. At the end of the four sessions you will have an actionable covid recovery plan for your business.

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 From good ideas to good business during COVID - the Business Model Canvas image

Workshop Facilitator

Rob encourages people to identify and express their own and their organisation’s valuable difference so they both get the recognition they deserve.

Recent experience is putting brand and marketing plans and actions into place for organisations offering services to other businesses; and, providing actionable learning for businesses to work on such plans for themselves. Targeted at contributing to business growth through accountable sales and marketing processes. This work is carried out for business owners, managing directors and marketing professionals. The scope of the learning dovetails with: income generation and profitability; operations and process; and individual and collective purpose.,, 07787557197,


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